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The Europaeum promotes academic links and research collaboration between its partners. We facilitate research projects, conferences, lectures, joint teaching programmes and much more.

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Please note that our website is under-reconstruction. We hope to unveil a new site in May. Some of our entries will be necessarily out of date as we are focussing our energy on the new site. Please accept our apologies.

Latest News

Europaeum MA Lecture : British Exits in a Historical Perspective

This year the Europaeum will use Brexit - which is central to the current British General Election - as a peg on which to hang its  annual History seminar series, which will look at British Exits in a Historical Perspective. The series will start with the exit from the Roman Empire in 410, and look at other exits involving the Danes and Vikings, the exit from Papal authority, in and out of Europe since 1q945, and culminating with a look at English exceptionalism the 2016 Brexit vote. The series involves many front rank speakers including Professor Norman Davies, author of the best-selling Europe, and Professor Lyndal Roper, whose recent biography on Luther, has become a global best-seller. The seminars are linked to our MA Programme in European History, but are open to anyone, on  Tuesday mornings in the History Faculty. Please see here or full details of the seminars and speakers. 

Europaeum Summer School : Is democracy in crisis ?

Everywhere democracy seems to be in crisis. The rise of a new populism seems to have bypassed traditional political party structures, while the new leaders have broken traditional leadership tropes customs and rules, and voters have either stayed at home, or voted more frequently for outsiders and independents, heaping opprobrium not only on the establishment elites but on all politicians and politics itself. So Trump rules in part through Twitter, the UK establishment delivers Brexit which is does not support, while third parties rise in Spain, Italy, France, Austria, Germany, Scandinavia - even Modi promotes Hinduvta over traditional secularism in India. This year's Europaeum  annual Summer School – the 24th in our series – explores the rise of Populism and Anti-Politics: and asks Is democracy in crisis ?

MA in European History and Civilisation : Final Deadline approaching

The final deadline of the end of May is now approaching fast for applicants for next year's Europaeum's pioneering MA programme in European History and Civilisation, with participants spending terms at our partner universities, Leiden, Paris 1 and Oxford. This successful programme, which enters its second decade, offers graduate students a special opportunity 'to deepen their knowledge' of European history and institutions, their philosophical and historical backgrounds and underpinnings, and their social and economic contexts, through the lens of three different university worlds. Such knowledge plays an increasingly crucial role in practical decision-making and strategic planning, where Europe-wide and global contact and negotiation is required on our website. 

International Graduate Debate - Lisbon (June 26th - 28th)

The Palacio HotelThe Palacio HotelOnce again the Europaeum will be facilitating our usual lively international debate led by Europaeum graduates as part of the next - 25th Estoril Forum on June 26th  - 28th near Lisbon, organised by our colleagues at the Institute of Political Studies IEP at the Catholica University, before an audience of some 150 participants.  The Europaeum is one of a number of leading partners working with the IEP, this year the conference focusing on the theme Defending the Western Tradition of Liberty under Law. Keynote speakers will include Professor Jose Manuel Barroso, who led the European Union for eight years, is now a trustee for the Europaeum, and teaches at the Catholica; Jacques Rupnik from Sciences Po and the College de Bruges, who has collaborated with the Europaeum through our Vaclav Havel Dialogue Project;

25th anniversary leaflet

As part of our preparations for this 25th anniversary of our founding in 1992, we are working to produce – and make accessible - more video reports of our many events. We have now started to post items on our YouTube Europaeum account. Please do register yourself, and you can see our first posts of including a short film, Introduction to the work of the Europaeum – past, present and future ambitions, an interview with Dr Paul Flather, our Secretary-General, filmed by one of our interns. You can also find some of the lively panel discussions from last year's pioneering summer school on China and Europe: Challenges for the Future