Europaeum Certificate

Academic Recognition from the Europaeum


Europaeum Certificates are awarded to students who satisfactorily complete a recognised academic activity under the auspices of the Europaeum. They specifically recognise pan-European experience and serve as an additional incentive to Europaeum collaboration. This can be alongside another qualification or degree from their home university. The award is endorsed by the Europaeum Council, which represents all member universities.

Those qualifying for the award include:

  • Doctoral students who spend at least four months working with an academic supervisor from another Europaeum partner institution.
  • Graduate students participating in a Europaeum Summer School completing an essay of sufficient standard linked to the theme of the Summer School.
  • Graduate students taking part in a Europaeum joint programme and spending at least 150 hours in academic study.
  • Undergraduate students taking part in a Europaeum joint programme and spending at least 200 hours in academic study.

Each Europaeum Certificate specifies the particular activity that the student has completed, allowing different types of academic activity to be recognised. The Europaeum Academic Committee grants final approval for the Certificate, issued in the student’s native language with an English translation, and signed by the academic director or a representative of the Academic Committee.

Certificates are regularly awarded to Summer School Participants who complete a special essay, pass joint Europaeum programmes, or give papers successfully at Europaeum conferences.