2016 Graduate Workshop What is it to be a “good” European?

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Europaeum Graduate Workshop Open Europe ? Closed Europe ?

Graduate Fellowship Programme : Challenging Humanity to act on Climate Change

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Policy Making Seminar in Brussels

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Europaeum Graduate Workshop: "Climate Change, waters en cities: what future for Europe?

Europaeum Graduate Workshop & Conference “Whither Europe ? European integration in transformation

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2013 Summerschool: Rights and Citizenship in Europe: are we really so equal ?

2013 Annual Conference


2013 Annual Conference European society and social solidarity: Is Europe fragmenting?

June 12th-14th, 2013: The University of Paris 1 - Panthéon - Sorbonne

The Europaeum will host our annual international conference with a linked graduate seminar organised by the Europaeum consortium. This conference will set out to explore the nature of current “cracks” and divisions in European society, in European civic and urban life, and in European culture. Questions will include: What did Europe stand for and what does it stand for today? What shadows do our memories cast today? What does the post-War, post Cold War generation believe in? How and why have faith based controversies emerged again? How has migration led to cultural controversies and clashes? Is the rise of the right a symptom of anxiety and fear of change?

OXFORD | Conflict Resolution in Europe

OXFORD | Rousseau and Republican Traditions in Europe

PRAGUE | Rio+20: Challenges and Opportunities for Europe in Building a Global Green Economy

PARIS | The Arab Spring - one year on: What Next?

LEIDEN | Europe and Leadership: Can we do without Political Giants ?

HELSINKI | Classics Colloquium: Strangers and Friends


PARIS | Risks from Climate Change: Lessons in global diplomacy