Europaeum International Conferences

Each year, the Europaeum co-ordinates international conferences on issues of current concern or interest, and involving significant Europaeum participation. These events usually involve public figures, intellectuals, policy-makers and media figures, in line with the aim to create interdisciplinary and multifaceted events. The first conference took place in 1993 entitled Are European Elites Losing Touch with their Peoples?, and since then there have been a host of major events on such topics as European Identity, Human Rights, Higher Education, TransAtlantic Relations, the Future of Europe, Federalism, European Migration, and Globalisation.

The Europaeum also supports a number of regular Event Series aimed to bring together top leaders to revisit pressing issues. Click below to learn more about these Series:

Power, Privacy, and the Internet Podcasts now available

On October 30–31, 2013, The New York Review of Books held a conference, “Power, Privacy, and the Internet ,” at Scandinavia House in New York City, with support from The Europaeum. It is now possible to listen to the various discussions that were held. To do so please click here.

The Meaning of 1914 Conference

The Europaeum partnership with the New York Review of Books is set to continue with two more events coming up this autumn. In September, we are supporting an event picking up on the year long theme surrounding the outbreak of the first World War in 1914, a century ago. The Meaning of 1914 event will take place at St Antony's College Oxford, another partner for the event, with keynote contributions from Professor Margaret Macmillan, a leading historian of the period, and Warden of St Antony's, who has recently produced The War that Ended Peace: How Europe abandoned peace for the First World War, Professor Hew Strachan, currently professor of military History at Oxford, and Christopher Clark, whose book The Sleepwalkers has been making waves all around the world. Professor Fritz Stern from Columbia University, is also expected to take part.

2013 Annual Conference


2013 Annual Conference European society and social solidarity: Is Europe fragmenting?

June 12th-14th, 2013: The University of Paris 1 - Panthéon - Sorbonne

The Europaeum will host our annual international conference with a linked graduate seminar organised by the Europaeum consortium. This conference will set out to explore the nature of current “cracks” and divisions in European society, in European civic and urban life, and in European culture. Questions will include: What did Europe stand for and what does it stand for today? What shadows do our memories cast today? What does the post-War, post Cold War generation believe in? How and why have faith based controversies emerged again? How has migration led to cultural controversies and clashes? Is the rise of the right a symptom of anxiety and fear of change?

Effet Utile: understanding international treaties

26/10/2012 - 00:00
27/10/2012 - 23:59

The Europaeum is co-supporting an upcoming conference at Charles University, Prague from October 26-27th. The concept of effet utile refers to the method of understanding international treaties, most commonly used in the interpretation of European Community law by the European Court of Justice. Speakers from Computense Universidad Madrid and the University of Bonn will take part, as well as colleagues from the Centre of Law at Prague. Click here to view a preliminary Programme.

Form more information and details on how you can attend, please contact the Europaeum Office.

Open Societies, Open Economies and Citizenship

25/06/2012 - 00:00
27/06/2012 - 23:59

This year's topic on Open Societies, Open Economies and Citizenship promises to offer the same high quality programme, distinguished speakers, and multi-national collection of students and participants that have come to define this exceptional event. Many prominent speakers from across Europe such as Lord (Raymond) Plant (King's College London), Aleksander Smolar (President of Batory Foundation, Warsaw), Marc Plattner (Editor, Journal of Democracy) among many others. To browse a preliminary event Programme, please click here.

Interested participants should apply using this application form, and Europaeum students can contact the Europaeum Office for more details.

The Ideas of Prevention in European Law

04/05/2012 - 00:30
04/05/2012 - 18:30

The Europaeum co-sponsored an international conference on The Ideas of Prevention in European Law, which took place on May 4th at Charles University, Prague. The aim of the conference was to explore the somewhat ambiguous and multipurpose concept of "Prevention in Law", which is increasingly employed both in legal academia and in legal practice.

This event was also supported by the Law Faculty at Charles University, the Academy of Judges of the Czech Republic, and the Czech Bar Association. Participants from across Europe took part, including Professor Willem van Boom (Rotterdam, Durham), Professor Luboš Tichý (Prague), Professor Eduard Picker (Tübingen), Dr. Donal Nolan (Oxford), Professor Gerhard Wagner (Bonn), and Professor Helmut Koziol (Vienna).

2012 Policy Forum on Higher Education


The Europaeum is moving ahead with its plans for an international policy forum on the Future for European Universities 2011-15. This important event will set out to explore the future of higher education in former ECE region. The conference entitled Higher Education: Progress, and Aademic Freedom - Universities in East Central Europe since the Fall of the Wall is planned for late 2012, to be held at Oxford University.

We plan to invite leading experts from across the Europaeum network, including the Rectors of the Jagiellonian University and Charles University Prague, Professor Jan Sokol (former Minister of Education for the Czech Republic), and other experts who have indicated a willing to take part. Participants from outside the network are also welcome, with Professor WH Newton Smith (President of the Open Society Institute), Dr Voldemar Tomusk (Director of Education at the OSE), Mr Bahram Bekharadnia (Director of the Higher Education Policy Institute), and Sir Peter Scott (Professor of Higher Education Studies at the Institute of Education, London University) due to take part. The idea is to take stock of how much 'progress' has been made among top ECE region universities, what has been helpful, what has not and what happens next. The workshop will build on important work done within the Europaeum's Future of European Universities Project (2001-2006).

Universities Under Attack

26/11/2011 - 00:00
26/11/2011 - 23:59
Students protesting government spending cuts at Manchester University.Students protesting government spending cuts at Manchester University.

The Europaeum co-supported an important conference on the current state of Higher Education in the UK. The event on Universities Under Attack was held at King College, London University, on November 26th, and included prominent scholars, policy -makers, and educators from Europe and the US. Themes to be discussed included tuition fees, research assessment exercises, centralised administration, marketisation.

The conference was run by The New York Review of Books, and other co-sponsors include the Fritt Ord Foundation of Oslo, and the London Review of Books with support from The Oxford Magazine and The Times Higher Magazine. For more information click here.

The Future of Europe

18/07/2011 - 00:00
22/07/2011 - 23:59

The future of Europe is much on the minds of all European citizens - following the fallout from the economic crisis. This year's annual conference is to be held in Spain on this theme, Futures for Europe, looking forward at various scenarios on offer up to the year 2030. Key questions for the assembled experts and scholars will be Has EU expansion now ended ? Will the Euro survive and at what price ? Can free mobility be sustained ? What about education policies ? What is Europe's contribution now to international environmental policy after Cancun ? How will the Europe Project fare in the face of the growing power from Brazil, India, and China ? Policy-makers, academic scholars, business, political and community leaders, and Europaeum graduates as representatives of the next generation - are invited- including we expect former Spanish Prime Minister, Felipe Gonzalez, who led a team of experts who produced a major report in 2010 re-visiting many of these very issues. This event is set for July in Santander, co-ordinated with our new associate partner the Fundación Ortega Marañón (FOM). Stay tuned for more details.

Europaeum joins intellectuals in Paris for New York Review of Books event

23/06/2011 - 00:00
25/06/2011 - 23:59
Tony JudtTony Judt

The Europaeum helped sponsor a high-level event in Paris June 23rd - 25th run by the New York Review of Books, after providing crucial logistical support and office space for the organising NYRB foundation in the months leading up to the event. The event brought together some of the world's leading intellectuals and academics in honour of the ideas and work of Tony Judt, former professor of European Studies at New York University. His last perhaps most political book, Ill Fares the Land, has received rave reviews, as did his last major work, Postwar: A History of Europe Since 1945, written during his period of severe illness suffering from terminal motor neurone disease. It included senior figures from Paris 1-Sorbonne at the event. The distinguished list of speakers included Professor Ronnie Dworkin from NYU/Oxford who spoke at the Liberalisms conference co-supported by the Europaeum last year, Chris Patten who is a Europaeum trustee and chancellor of the University of Oxford, and Jacques Rupnik, Director of Research, CERI, Sciences-Po, Paris, who debated recently in Oxford with our Secretary-General on the development of the ECE region. Click here to view the conference Programme

IEP-UCP Estoril Political Forum: The Future of the Free World

17/06/2011 - 00:00
29/06/2011 - 23:59

The 2011 IEP-UCP Estoril Political Forum theme was on The Future of the Free World with many prominent speakers from across Europe such as Lord (Raymond) Plant (King's College London), Aleksander Smolar (President of Batory Foundation, Warsaw), Marc Plattner (Editor, Journal of Democracy) among many others, hosted by our affiliate member the Institute for Political Studies, Catholic University of Portugal (IEP-UCP) from 17-29th June 2011. Click here for a copy of the Programme.

The Europaeum again led a special international debate as part of this international summer school event on Should the Free World allow Iran to get the bomb ? with graduates from the Europaeum, IEP-UCP, Boston University, Brown University, Georgetown University, and the LSE. The debate will be chaired as usual by Dr Paul Flather (Secretary General, Europaeum), with expert moderators Dr Michael Pinto-Duschinsky (Member of the Board, IFES, Oxford) and Professor Eusebio Mujal-Leon (Georgetown University, Washington DC), and Professor Miguel Monjardino (IEP-UCP and Expresso, Lisbon).

Liability in European Law

17/03/2011 - 00:00
18/03/2011 - 23:59

The new Centre on Comparative Law in Prague hosted a conference from March 17-18th at the Law Faculty of Charles University to look at how relations are evolving between Member States and the EU over infringements of EU law, both in theory and practice. The event on Liability in European Law was co-ordinated by Professor Lubos Tichy, director of the new Comparative Law Centre, with experts coming from a range of member states, along with Europaeum support. Download the programme and Conference Booklet. Dr Paul Flather of the Europaeum chaired the event, which as usual aimed to link young scholars with experts in the field.

Federalisms - East and West - India, Europe, and North America

28/09/2010 - 00:00
30/09/2010 - 23:59

The Europaeum international conference on Federalisms - East and West - India, Europe and North America took place on 28-30th September in Oxford with key figures in European policy-making, media, and academia. This conference compared and contrasted federalist ideas and structures across three continents. Please see the Conference Statement for a detailed summary of the event.

The event was run with generous support from the Friedrich-Ebert Stiftung and the James Madison Trust in Brussels.

IEP-UCP Estoril Political Forum: The Future of the Market Economy and Democracy

24/06/2010 - 00:00
26/06/2010 - 23:59

The 2010 theme of the IEP-UCP Estoril Political Forum was on The Future of the Market Economy and Democracy and included speakers such as João Carlos Espada (Director, IEP-UCP and Editor, Nova Cidadania, Lisbon), Anthony O’Hear (Director, Royal Institute Of Philosophy and Editor, Philosophy, London), Raymond Plant (King’s College, House of Lords, London), Marc F. Plattner (Editor, Journal of Democracy, Director,IFDS, Washington, D.C.), and Susan Shell (Boston College, Boston), among many others. Click here to download the final Programme

The conference included a special debate on Can Democracy Work without a Market Economy? with graduates from the Europaeum, IEP-UCP, Boston College, University of Colorado at Boulder. The debate was chaired by Dr Paul Flather (Secretary General, Europaeum), with expert moderators Charles S. Maier (Center for European Studies, Harvard University), Michael pinto-Duschinsky, (Member of the Board,IFES, Oxford), and Eusebio Mujal-Leon (Georgetown University, Washington DC.)