Summer Schools

Spring School on Charisma

Professor Archie BrownProfessor Archie BrownOur annual Spring School at Oxford this year focusses on the cross-cutting theme of charisma in political leadership - as usual this is aimed at our graduates participating in our two main joint MA programmes in European History  and our Havel MA in European Politics and Society . More than 25 Europaeum graduates are currently taking part from politics, history, sociology, anthropology in   Charisma and Leadership in European History: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly , which is run  in partnership again with our colleagues at the Maison Franciase d'Oxford (April 21st - 23rd). The keynote Europaeum Lecture will be on Winston Churchill as a Democractic Leader, given by Professor Archie Brown, Emeritus Professor of Politics at Oxford University. Other keynote talks will be given by Professor Nicholas Purcell of Oxford on the Emperor Augustus. Other speakers will include Professor Didier Georgakakis (Paris 1) on uncharismatic leaders in Europe; Professor Michael Broers (Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford), on Napoleon and La Gloire tradition  and Professor Peter Pulzer (All Souls, Oxford) on Fascist leasdership plus other speakers from Leiden and Charles Universities. 

Europaeum Summer School 2014 - Madrid

Tags: Applications are coming in now for this year's annual summer school on Gender themes - our 21st in our continuing series to be held in Madrid in partnership with the Complutense University, in the first week of July, bringing together experts from law and justice, think tanks, politics, NGOs and universities, for five days of talks, panels, working groups, debates role-playing and discussions. Questions to be analysed will include the glass ceiling, current activism, prostitution, rights equality, the impact of the current crisis on women, female genital mutilation, the images of women in the media and in literature, and many more. Selections will start from May 1st so please do apply now. See attached draft programme here. Places are free to all advanced Europaeum graduates - apart from travel. Others can also apply, but costs will need to be covered.

Europaeum Summer School 2012 - Oxford

02/09/2012 - 00:00
07/09/2012 - 23:59

The 2012 Europaeum Summer School took place at the University of Oxford on the theme Conflict Resolution in Europe: Lessons for Tomorrow. From September 2nd - 7th, participants reflected on the complexities of European and global governance with particular reference to conflict resolution within Europe over recent decades. The Summer school brought together academic experts, practitioners, reporters from the field, policy-makers and journalists, to provide a variety of perspectives on such conflict scenarios as Northern Ireland, the Basque region, and the Balkans. Invited speakers included Richard Caplan, Sir Adam Roberts, Hew Strachan, Guy-Goodwin-Gill, Robert Harris, Andrew Hurrell, Mark Malloch-Brown, Lord Ashdown, David Trimble, Peter Hain, and Robert Fox.

Among questions discussed were the following: What factors predispose people to discord? Which strategies extract them from chronic cycles of strife and violence? How can Europe aid post-conflict state building which aims to prevent outbreaks from recurring? What does the future hold for NATO, and what problems face the EU’s Common Foreign and Security Policy? What lessons has Europe learned about conflict resolution and prevention? How, if at all, have European institutions contributed to spreading peace?

Europaeum Summer School 2011 - Santander

17/07/2011 - 00:00
23/07/2011 - 23:59

The Futures of Europe: Which Way Towards 2030

This Summer School explored the complexities of relationships between European nations and the European Union. It examined the future of the Euro, the problems facing political and economic integration, and the best courses of action to ensure that Europe retains global influence in the face of great challenges. It ran in conjunction with the Europaeum’s annual International Conference, which brought together leading experts, policy makers, media and politicians.

The event comprised the usual series of lectures, discussions, workshops, debates, and practical exercises. The working language will be English. As usual, the event will be multidisciplinary, involving scholars with different backgrounds, including Sociology, International Relations, Law, Economics, Communication Studies, History and Cultural Studies.

For more information on Santander, please click here.

Europaeum Summer School 2010 - Bologna

05/09/2010 - 00:00
10/09/2010 - 23:59

The Media, Europe & Democracy

The University of Bologna hosted the 2010 Europaeum Summer School on The Media, Europe & Democracy. The six day programme Summer School reflected on relations between the processes of democracy and the role and operation of the media, and questions of identity and public space, across Europe. The six-day programme also investigated ‘inside’ perceptions of the European Union by European citizens, and ‘outside’ perceptions from non-European actors, and their impact on notions of European citizenship, public debate and participatory democracy. As usual, the event was multidisciplinary, involving scholars with different backgrounds, including Sociology, International Relations, Law, Economics, Communication Studies, History and Cultural Studies.

Europaeum Summer School 2009 - Paris

06/09/2009 - 00:00
11/09/2009 - 23:59

Ethics and European Policy-Making

This Summer School looked at the role of ethics in the subject and practice of, the Law and lawyers; Politics and politicians; Economics and economists, sociologists and societal workers, as well as the wider implications on science and medicine. The five-day programme will also investigate the phenomenon of Ethics and its place in Europaean society; the European legal framework in relation to ethical issues; and the particular role of universities, educational institutions and NGOs in advocacy, support and delivery of ethical practices. Speakers included: Professor Farhad Ameli, (Law), Professor Etienne Picard (Public Law, Paris), Professor Jean Philippe Genet (Medival History, Paris), Dr Paul Flather (Politics, The Europaeum).

Europaeum Summer School 2008 - Bonn

14/09/2008 - 00:00
19/09/2008 - 23:59

Sacred Buildings in the Modern City

Summer School Coordinators:
Professor Albert Gerhards
University of Bonn

Ever since the Middle Ages, cities, towns and villages have been dominated by churches with their steeples and cupolas. Until today, churches are normally situated right in the middle of the village, and urban silhouettes are characterized by the vertical landmarks of sacred buildings.

Europaeum Summer School 2007 - Helsinki

27/08/2007 - 00:00
02/09/2007 - 23:59

The Borders of Europe

The University of Helsinki will host the 2007 Europaeum Summer School on The Borders of Europe. The six day programme will pose the question "where on earth should the borders of Europe end?", with reference to potential newcomers to the EU including Turkey, Moldavia, Morocco, even perhaps considering the claims of Israel, the pros and cons associated with the single market and migration, and the policing of borders.

Europaeum Summer School 2006 - Krakow

11/09/2006 - 00:00
16/09/2006 - 23:59

Bridging the Divide: EU-US Relations after 9/11

The 2006 Europaeum Summer School aims to bring together final-year undergraduates, graduates and academics from Europaeum institutions to explore EU-US relations after September 11.

Europaeum Summer School 2002 - Oxford

17/09/2002 - 00:00
22/09/2002 - 23:59

European Economic Integration
University of Oxford
17th - 22nd September, 2002


The objectives are threefold. To provide research students in economics and other relevant social sciences from Europaeum partner universities, with an opportunity to present and discuss research papers related to European integration issues; to provide advanced survey lectures on recent development in the field; to foster fruitful exchanges and cooperation among different European graduate schools.