Small Grants Schemes

For many years The Europaeum has successfully offered small grants, designed to stimulate the growth of new academic links, to facilitate the conception of new joint projects, which can seek further funding from other sources, and to promote academic mobility between institutions. These aim to provide a step approach to realising joint projects and facilitating detailed planning. They are intended both to increase academic opportunities that can be derived from conventional research funding and to open up opportunities for innovative academic developments to be launched and refined over future years.

Research Project Groups

This scheme aims to stimulate new international research, within, but not exclusive to, the Europaeum academic community. Each successful group receives a 'pump priming' grant now up to €2,000 support for launching a research initiative undertaken by our academics group working collaboratively, involving at least three Europaeum partner institutions. This could be used to run a research seminar, co-ordinate a research proposal bid, or aid research preparation. In particular it can serve to encourage the development of further applications to the EU, national, or independent grant bodies. Application guidelines.

See Research Groups for details of projects supported.

New Initiatives Scheme

Small grants are available to provide support for innovative and imaginative schemes that link academics and graduates working collaboratively across Europaeum partner institutions. This scheme aims to support a range of interdisciplinary projects that broaden cultural perspectives. External partners are also welcome.

Visiting Professors

The Europaeum promotes academic mobility between partner institutions. The Europaeum provides pump-priming funds for its university partners to support the hosting of a Visiting Professor for up to three of four weeks.

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