Associate Member: Fundación Ortega Marañón (FOM)

The Fundación Ortega Marañón (FOM) has joined the Europaeum as a new associate member, linking in smaller institutes, think-tanks, and centres that share our mission to promote academic links between European institutions. The FOM, based in Madrid, is a private, non-profit making institution devoted to cultural activities, debate and research for the dissemination of the Social Sciences and Humanities.

Plans are underway for joint teaching initiatives and a joint conference and will be cemented at a forthcoming meeting with the university institute´s director, Professor José Varela Ortega and we look forward to welcoming Dr Julio Crespo MacLennan, who spoke at our recent Federalisms conference, as institute representative at our forthcoming meetings.

The Ortega-Marañón Foundation is named after two of the most prominent intellectuals in twentieth-century Spain whose liberal ideas helped influence a new generation of Spanish intellectuals: José Ortega y Gasset and Gregorio Marañón. Ortega y Gasset was a great philosopher who once held the Chair in Metaphysics at the Complutense University in Madrid and is best known for his internationally acclaimed The Revolt of the Masses. Marañón was an eminent doctor and man of letters best known for his historical works. They both had a political bend, during the dictatorship of Primo de Rivera they led a group of intellectuals against the regime, and with the establishment of the Second Republic they were both members of the Spanish Parliament representing a party founded by them: Agrupación al servicio de la República (In service of the republic). With the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War Ortega y Gasset and Marañón went into exile and were to become major symbols of democratic and liberal values that eventually triumphed in Spain in the 1970s.