ESI: European Stability Initiative


The ESI was launched in June 1999 in a Sarajevo café by a multi-national group of practitioners and analysts with extensive experience in the regions it studied. The research and policy institute was created in recognition of the need for independent, in-depth analysis of the complex issues involved in promoting stability and prosperity in Europe. In its ten years of operation, ESI has had a substantial impact on international policy towards South Eastern Europe, with its advice being sought regularly by a range of policy makers across the region. They have produced 62 reports to date, on the Balkans and EU enlargement policy, as well as distributing monthly newsletters.

The Europaeum held a Europaeum Research Project Group workshop in Geneva in 2001 reviewing Balkan stability issues, coordinated by Professor Michael Kaser of St Antony's College, Oxford, with Professor Victor-Yves Ghebali of the then HEI, Geneva. An exciting detailed plan for further research was developed with the Europaeum Office out of the meeting, and though some funds were pledged, it was never enough  to meet the plans.