Research Workshop on gender inequalities

The Europaeum plans to host a small research workshop in Oxford exploring how effective current policy initiatives are at tackling gender inequalities. The plan is to collect a number of specialist researchers from academe, public bodies such as Oxfam, and from think tanks, to look at current thinking – taking as a starting point, recommendations outlined in recent World Bank and IMF reports – and to set up a new Europaeum Research Project Group. The workshop is being led by Professor Devaki Jain from Delhi, Professor Anthony Heath of Nuffield College, Oxford, and Dr Paul Flather of Mansfield College, and will be supported by a new Ford Foundation grant. The event will be hosted in Oxford, in early June, and it is hoped to produce a report from the work. As usual, the group is by invitation only but Europaeum academics interested in being considered for this new EPRG, are invited to write to the Secretary-General. More details will follow.