Uniwersytet Jagiellonski

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The Jagiellonian has a student body of more than 41,000, including more than 2,200 doctoral candidates. Courses are offered in 46 disciplines, taught by more than 4,000 lecturers and professors, with another 2,000 support and administrative staff. Apart from Copernicus and Karol Wojtyla, other famous alumni linked to the University include Stanislaw Nahlik, professor of International Law; Jerzy Kurylowicz, the internationally-known linguist; Kazimierz Kordylewski, discoverer of the dust moons of Earth; mathematicians Tadeusz Wazewski, Franciszek Leja, Stanislaw Golab and Jacek Szarski; and Roman Ingarden, the distinguished philosopher. The Jagiellonian is the only university in Poland with medical faculties. Removed from the University on January 1 st 1950, following the Soviet model, these faculties were re-incorporated in 1993 and now include faculties of Medicine, Medical Analysis, Health Care and Biotechnology. Courses are now taught in foreign languages – particularly in the fields of Law, Mathematics, Medicine and Physics – while lectures by visiting foreign academics are increasingly integrated into the syllabus.