Photo Essays

Graduate Seminar: Policy Making at the EU Level

The Europaeum's fifth annual Policy-Making inside Europe ? took place in Brussels from June 18-20th. This three-day programme of talks, discussions, interviews and special visits with top European policy-makers in Brussels was organised by the Europaeum and our associate member the Institute of Political Studies, Catholic University of Portugal (IEP-UCP).

Challenges and Opportunities for Europe in building a Global Green Economy

In April 2012, the Europaeum organised an exciting graduate workshop at Charles University, Prague, on the Challenges and Opportunities for Europe in building a Global Green Economy. Students and scholars – pictured - met to review achievements and key challenges in terms of sustainable development, and to define the roles Europe should play at Rio+20 to foster a global green economy, focusing on its political economy, geography and diplomacy.

The Arab Spring One Year on: What Next?

The Europaeum organised a new graduate workshop on The Arab Spring One Year on: What next ?, hosted at Paris 1-Sorbonne on March 22-24th, with Professor Christine Mengin as  Director. The aim was to take stock of developments in the region a year on, and to look ahead, with the focus especially on two key pioneers for change - Tunisia and Egypt. The Europaeum will offer 12-14 places for advanced students and young scholars, drawn from across our partner institutions. Speakers included Slim Laghmani (University of Tunis), Mohammed Marouani (Paris 1), Nadine Picaudou (Paris 1), Lise Storm (University of Exeter), and Patrice Vermeren (Paris 1), among others. Click here to learn more.

Estoril 2011 International Meeting: The Future of the Free World

The 2011 IEP-UCP Estoril Political Forum theme was on The Future of the Free World with many prominent speakers from across Europe such as Lord (Raymond) Plant (King's College London), Aleksander Smolar (President of Batory Foundation, Warsaw), Marc Plattner (Editor, Journal of Democracy) among many others, hosted by our affiliate member the Institute for Political Studies, Catholic University of Portugal (IEP-UCP) from 17-29th June 2011. Click here for a copy of the Programme.

Jenkins Scholars Reception 2011

International scholars pictured at Oxford University in Balliol College, including two Jenkins Scholars, Tomas Wallenius from Helsinki (2nd from left) and Igor Barilik from Geneva (third left), together with many Scatchard Scholars, a scheme founded in the 1990s under the auspices of the Europaeum.

Europe and its “Giants” of Leadership - Past, Present and Future?

The Europaeum organised another special graduate workshop on Europe and Leadership, hosted by Leiden University from November 11–13th 2011. Questions included: Does Europe still yearn for new 'Giants' to lead it through its crisis ? What is the role for EC President, Commissioners, Council and Parliament ? What leadership role for Europe in the world ? How has leadership failure contributed to current crises ? How should we balance Brussels and national leadership ?

Santander Summer School 2011

The 2011 Europaeum Summer School on The Futures of Europe: Which Way Towards 2030  took place in beautiful Santander, Spain. This Summer School reflected on the complexities of relationships between European nations and the European Union. It examined the future of the Euro, the problems facing political and economic integration, and the best courses of action to ensure that Europe retains global influence in the face of great challenges.

Europeanization and the Roots of Modern Europe Today

The Europaeum organised another graduate workshop on Europeanization and the Roots of Modern Europe Today that took place in Oxford from May 27-29th, 2011. Today we speak about Europeanization as a process of ‘change’. But what does this process actually mean and how does it work?

Europaeum Conference on Liability in European Law

The new Centre on Comparative Law in Prague hosted a conference from March 17-18th at the Law Faculty of Charles University to look at how relations are evolving between Member States and the EU over infringements of EU law, both in theory and practice. The event on Liability in European Law was co-ordinated by Professor Lubos Tichy, director of the new Comparative Law Centre, with experts coming from a range of member states, along with Europaeum support. Download the programme and Conference Booklet.

Migration and Political Parties Workshop at Leiden

Leiden University hosted the sixth event in our Connecting Europe through History – Experiences and Perceptions of Migrations Project. The Europaeum organised a Graduate Research Workshop on Migration, Political Parties & Public Rhetoric in Contemporary Europe on June 3rd - 5th 2010. This event brought together young scholars from Europaeum universities to explore contemporary European themes.