Godfrey Hodgson

Godfrey Hodgson

Tags: Godfrey Hodgson studied history at Oxford and at the University of Pennsylvania. He worked in Washington for The Observer and The Sunday Times, and has written several books about American politics, including In Our Time (1976), The World Turned Right Side Up (1996) and More Equal Than Others (2004). He worked as a presenter for several British television programmes and was the Foreign Editor of The Independent.

The Other American Presidential Election

Tags: Godfrey Hodgson, on The Other American Presidential Election: Choosing a President and Psychoanalyzing a Nation, delivered at the Universiteit Leiden on November 2nd, 2004.

How elections can reveal mood of America


Like analysis in an individual life, an election can be an act of introspection, and perhaps even a orm of therapy. Certainly it is an opportunity for a society to thrash out the answers to such questions as: What sort of people are we? What sort of people do we want to be? What are our priorities? Are we happy about what has happened in our recent past? Do we contemplate our immediate future with confidence? Is it time, on the contrary, for a new start? Should we ‚'throw the rascals out'? Or is it a time for, in nautical idiom, ‚'steady as she goes'?